Forbes Feature Star Laundry President

Star Laundry president, Yaakoub Hijazi, talked to Forbes about inheriting and growing the business in the wake of his father’s death, and leaving a lasting legacy in the laundry industry.

This candid interview explores how Yaakoub saved his father’s laundry business from bankruptcy and built an empire in New York’s competitive hospitality laundering scene.

Not wanting to let the death of his father bring down their struggling commercial laundry and dry-cleaning business, Yaakoub Hijazi took charge and transformed Star Laundry into a powerhouse in the tight-knit world of hospitality laundering.

Now-President Hijazi worked his way up, securing prestigious clients like the W New York Times Square and Conrad New York. Today, Star Laundry dominates the hotel laundry market in New York, but it wasn’t smooth sailing for Hijazi. He faced numerous challenges early on, including financial difficulties, sewer and tax liens, and fines from regulatory authorities. However, he overcame these obstacles by targeting luxury hotels in Manhattan, capitalizing on their demand for high-quality laundry services.

What sets Hijazi apart from his competitors? It’s his personal touch, his commitment to quality, and his refusal to compromise on rates. He made a name for himself by being accessible to his clients and delivering exceptional service, all while commanding a premium price.

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