Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector

In recent years, environmental concerns have been at the forefront of many people’s minds. This has led businesses across a range of industries to think more carefully about their impact on the planet. 

One such industry is hospitality. Hotels, restaurants, and other businesses operating in the sector can consume vast amounts of resources and generate significant levels of waste – and it’s not just about reducing the footprint they have on the environment. Many businesses have also recognized that sustainability can help attract customers who want to support companies that share their values. 

  • According to a sustainability report by, 68% of clients are interested in finding eco-friendly hotels
  • 87% of travellers worldwide state that they want to travel sustainably
  • 53% of global travellers are willing to pay more for products that demonstrate environmental responsibility

Sustainability in the hospitality sector is critical for the longevity of the industry and the health of the planet. At Star Laundry, we recognize the role we play in the supply chain of the hospitality sector, which is why we have implemented various measures to ensure our operations are as sustainable as possible. 

Minimizing Water Waste & Usage

One of the most significant challenges when it comes to sustainability in hospitality is water usage. As such, we have a duty to minimize their water usage where possible. Star Laundry has implemented several measures to achieve this, including investing in water-efficient machinery and implementing water-recycling systems.

Using Non-Toxic Laundry Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are an essential part of hotel operations, but many of them are harsh and toxic. Star Laundry is committed to using environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products that minimize the impact on the environment and health. This includes using certified eco-friendly cleaning agents that are free from harmful chemicals.

Monitoring Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are a significant contributor to climate change, and the hospitality sector is a major source of emissions. At Star Laundry, we have implemented several measures to minimize our carbon emissions, such as investing in low-emission vehicles and monitoring our energy consumption.

Reducing Plastic Consumption

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face today. The hospitality sector relies heavily on single-use plastics, from disposable straws to takeaway containers. Star Laundry is committed to reducing plastic waste by using biodegradable packaging and eliminating single-use plastics wherever possible. 

We hope other businesses recognize the importance of sustainability in the industry and take steps to reduce their impact on the planet. Talk to us today about our linen and laundry services for hotels in NYC. By choosing to work with a local supplier like Star Laundry, you too can take steps toward minimizing your own environmental footprint.